About Us

Information about the organization, our history and our mission

Ebony City Soccer Club and Youth Development Program provides a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for youth in marginalized communities to learn life skills through the game of soccer, in the Charleston, SC area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the positive development of young people through athletics and social, cultural and educational avenues.

Our History

The organization, often referred to as “Lil’ Peles” was founded in the summer of 1981 with the spirit of Harambe, was established to serve as a vehicle for structured activities that would help channel the energy of the area’s youth in a positive direction by using the game of soccer.

A few parents from the Robert Mills Housing Project asked several community activists to provide positive after-school activities for their children. Juvenile arrests were on the rise and the game of soccer arose as an alternative activity.

Osei Chandler, Cito Lindsay, Leatha Mae Simmons and Jerome Smalls paved the way for minorities in the Charleston area to not only play the game (of soccer) but become productive successful citizens of the community.

  • Co-founding the Lil’ Peles was one of the best things I’ve ever done – right up there with marrying Saadeka and fathering our 3 children.

    Osei Terry Chandler
    Co-Founder, Ebony City Soccer

Since its inception, many of the organization’s members (players) have attended and graduated from post-secondary institutions. Ebony City Soccer Club has produced winners of multiple tournaments and state championships. The tradition continues today.

Our Motto

Fair play together. Undeniable champions forever.